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Tax Returns

Most self-employed or business owners are required by law to complete and submit tax returns. 

Whilst HM Revenue & Customs have helplines to assist taxpayers, their staff don’t provide advice as to how to organise your affairs to minimise the amount of tax that you pay. 

With a complex tax system that is full of penalties for mistakes and late submissions, it is vitally important that you have an independent professional on your side to make sure that you pay the correct amount of tax at the right time and make all tax filings ahead of the deadlines. 


Self-employed business people submit either self-assessment tax returns or partnership tax returns, dependent upon the legal form of the business. 


Limited companies are required to submit corporation tax returns. 


When you start a new business, you must also advise the relevant authorities within certain timescales.  Significant fines can be charged for not complying with the rules, so it is important to get your affairs in order from the outset. 


As accountants, we can help you every step of the way in correctly submitting all tax returns whether you are an individual, self-employed small business, or a limited company. 


We continually invest in the most up to date software that enables us to efficiently submit self assessment tax returns, corporation tax returns and VAT returns. 


We receive instant electronic notification of tax return submissions meaning that we can always keep you instantly up to date with your tax position and ensure that you meet all your legal requirements. 

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